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    Baby Leggings

    Good things come in small packages!

    Baby Leggings - incredibly soft and durable and made in Canada!

    Four different sizes to choose from  

    Baby Leggings

    Soft poly spandex fabric allows your baby freedom of movement 

    Well fitting baby leggings snugly fit over a diaper and are incredibly durable,
    withstanding much play, and plenty of washing.

    • Our supple and soft poly spandex fits well and leaves ample area for diapers
    • The baby leggings won't squeeze too tightly at the waist
    • The vivid prints can be washed over and over with no fading to the print and no shrinking of the fabric
    • Fabric is quick dry, easy to care for, and has natural antibacterial properties
    • SAFETY: Clothing designed for children is required by law to pass compliance testing in order to be determined safe for wearing. Our manufacturer worked with a 3rd party accredited testing lab in the USA to be certified.
    • DISCOUNT: Buy 3 Baby Leggings, Get 1 FREE!
      Any design, Any size. Use Discount Code BABY at time of checkout.


    6 month // 1 year  // 2 year  // 3 year

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