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    Love Hearts

    This design is infused with love!

    Artist Statement: A striking colour scheme of diagonal brushstrokes and lines is overlaid with an ink illustration of a multitude of hearts. As we show our love these days to our family, our communities, and our frontline workers, you can share your for all the world to see

    This art is a reminder that love is always around you. Love exudes from the universe. You are love. And you are always loved. This design is a reminder of the abundance of love that you emanate.

    An insight into the creative journey. Click Here >>

    Want to know how this piece of art came to life? Kristina will take you through the creative journey of this piece of art. From first conceptualizing the black and white illustration in Love Hearts; to how the 2020 pandemic inspired such a beautiful piece of art; and why YOU are in fact, at the core of this inspired art! Check out the journey here. >>