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    Mosaic of Me

    Mosaic of Me Collection

    ARTIST STATEMENT | Words on the art: ‘mosaic of me’ 

    What is your mosaic? This piece represents weaving through the twists and turns of life. As we encounter disappointments and defeats to wins and successes, all of this makes up parts of the whole, the whole of us, who we are, who we were, and who we strive to be.

    The varied shapes and the complexity of hues are all intertwined. This artwork illustrates us as the beautiful masterpiece, with our complexities, our varied stories, and the memories that make us who we are.

    This concept has been coming to the surface for some time. I find stained glass artwork so interesting, whether seeing pictures of gorgeous cathedrals in Europe to my favourite local cafes. I find this type of art captivating because it can look so different depending on what side you’re looking at, what angle you’re looking at, and if the light is shining through or not.

    With the meaning and nature of this piece, I was inspired to not only have one version of the design in bright and vivid colours, but also felt compelled to create a dark-beauty side version for each. So representative of life. Am I right?