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    Products and Product Features - Comprehensive Guide

    We have compiled a user-friendly guide to answer all of your questions about the products we offer.
    Our team has worked with thousands of women one-on-one to find the size that works for them!
    Whether you are XS or XL, have curvy or slim hips, a flat or post-menopausal tummy, petite or voluptuous booty,
    a short or tall inseam, we want to help you find just the right fit.

    Scroll below to find: #1. Video Guides or #2. Photo Guides 

    • Leggings • Capris • Scarves • Kimonos • Peignoir • Beanie • Headbands • Tank Tops  Crop Tops • Day Totes • Urban Totes

    #1. Video Guides

    Yoga Leggings and Capris 

    Kimono Robe, Draped Kimono and Peignoir

    Tank Tops and Crop Tops

    Day Totes and Urban Totes

    Scarves, Beanies and Headbands 

    #2. Photo Guides (Features, Fabric and Care)

    Kristina Benson Art: Yoga Leggings and Leggings
    Kristina Benson Art: Leggings versus Capris
    Kristina Benson Art: Yoga Leggings and Capris - Fabric close=-up images

    Kristina Benson Art: Yoga Leggings versus Class Leggings Waistband Options
    Kristina Benson Art: Scarves
    Kristina Benson Art: Scarf Fabric Options
    Kristina Benson Art: Headbands
    Kristina Benson Art: Kimonos
    Kristina Benson Art: Kimono Fabrics
    Kristina Benson Art: Tank Tops