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    Universe Collection

    Universe Collection 2019 - Kristina Benson Art - Wearable Art Leggings and Capris

    In my practice of creating art, I love to explore deeper truths and meanings. In the last year, I have found myself trusting the universe a little deeper, so it’s no surprise this gorgeous new collection turned out the way it did.

    Ready to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos with 14 canvases and liquid acrylic paint (not to mention a lot of paper towel), I trusted the flow occurring on each canvas. Simple black, stark white, and shimmering gold work to complement the abstract beauty and complexity of this collection. The striking simplicity encourages us to calm the noise within us, allowing us to connect to the universe in its true form.

    As the paintings were revealed to me, I saw a theme. They danced with both darkness and light. I started to see the stars, the comets, and the voids. Silence, speckles, and movement give way to flow and the quiet beyond.   

    May you trust the universe.  - Love, Kristina

    Trust the Universe - Yoga Leggings by Kristina Benson - Wearable Art

    Gold Electric - Universe Collection - Kristina Benson - Leggings and Capris

    Kristina Benson Art - Reach design