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    FUNDRAISER - Kamloops Arts Council

    FUNDRAISER - Kamloops Arts Council

    In celebration of the Kamloops Arts Council's 50th Anniversary, we have created this limited-time wearable art fundraiser.

    For every item sold in this KAC Collection, we are donating part of the proceeds to the Kamloops Arts Council. 

    "Artists interpret the world on behalf of others. They translate complex thoughts, images, and feelings with a kind of social intuition. All artists have a choice to give back and inspire others, to give life to what others cannot. In turn, nurturing the gifts of artists creates a cycle that enriches us all. I feel blessed to support through collaboration with the Kamloops Arts Council. They inspire me to inspire others." - Kristina Benson

    NOTE: Returns and Exchanges are not accepted as this is a fundraiser. For sizing questions, click here.

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