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    Authentically Unique Canadian Artist Collection

    | Wearable Art by Kristina Benson |

    Good Vibes - Wearable Art by Kristina Benson Art


    Good Vibes

    Words on the art 'Good Vibes'

    This collection features custom-crafted hand lettering threaded throughout.

    The art includes flowers of pink, peach and mocha vines meandering along the edges of a stark and contrasting black.

    What good vibes are you bringing into the world today? Allow these positive vibrations to compliment your cause and resonate with the self you want to become.

    Art You Can Wear

    Find this wearable art in these products.

    Creating This Artwork

    This piece of artwork start out as a stylized hand-lettered illustration of the words 'good vibes'. 

    From there, further illustrations of plants, flowers and foliage were drawn and then layered together for the complete design. The main design, and of our bestsellers, is the BLACK VERSION in the 'Good Vibes - Yoga Leggings'. This design is predominantly black with hits of magenta for the flower details and additional subtle tan colours making up the vines.

    Below are images also showcasing the PINK VERSION where the design is reversed. Magenta pink is the predominant colour in this design. Both of these designs are full of texture and are even better in person!

    Gallery of Wearable Art

    Picture yourself wrapped in this art.

    Find more wearable art images on my Instagram or Facebook pages.

    Good Vibes Magenta - Wearable Art by Kristina Benson Art

    Good Vibes Magenta - Wearable Art by Kristina Benson Art








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