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    Non-medical Face Coverings

    Beautiful face coverings so you can stay safe and stylish. Two different styles to choose from. 

    Cotton Sateen: Washable and soft, this 200 thread count cotton fabric features a stainless steel nose piece, soft fabric elastic ear ties that you tie to the correct length, and an internal filter pocket with option of ordering a set of two PM2.5 filters.

    Double Knit Poly: Designed with functionality in mind, this washable, lightweight, breathable fabric is a stretchy poly that features precision cut edges that is comfortable enough to wear all day. The double layer of tightly knitted fabric looks as if it's a sleek single layer.  

    Face Coverings Kristina Benson Art

    How to measure our Face Coverings:
    • It’s important that your face covering fits as snug as possible to your face. Take some time to do the following measurements before you order. Don’t assume that your face size is similar to your clothing size! Face shapes can vary significantly from person to person.
    • Measure from the beginning of one ear, over the tip of your nose, to the start of your other ear.

    Sizing: Cotton Sateen (with ties)
    Measure ear-to-ear over nose

    Adult X-Large / 12 in  (30.5cm)
    Adult Large / 11.4 in  (29 cm)
    Adult Medium / 10.8 in  (27.5 cm)
    Adult Small / 10.2 in  (26 cm)

    Youth Large / 9.8 in  (25 cm)
    Youth Medium / 9.2 in  (23.5 cm)
    Youth Small / 8.6 in  (22 cm)

    Sizing: Double Knit Stretchy Poly
    (precision cut around ears, comfortable all day use) 
    Measure ear-to-ear over nose

    Adult Large / 11.4-11.8 in  (29-30 cm)
    Adult Medium / 10.6-11 in  (27-28 cm)
    Adult Small / 10.2-10.6 in  (26-27 cm)

    Youth Large / 9.4-9.8 in  (24-25 cm)
    Youth Small / 8.6-9.0 in  (22-23 cm)