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    Kristina Benson Art Pants Party

    Would you like earn a FREE pair of Leggings?

    Host a Pants Party. It's easy and fun.

    You bring the girls and I'll bring the leggings!

    This is an opportunity for you and your group of ladies to try on this amazing wearable art. 

    We host parties at:
    • Private Homes
    • Yoga Studios
    • Gyms and Spas
    • Workplaces 

    Why host a party?
    • The host can earn a free pair of her choice of leggings or capris! (based on sales)
    • An opportunity for you and your guests to find your perfect size
    • You get to feel the fabric and see the quality for yourself
    • Look through all of the 40+ designs in person
    • See how the classic versus yoga waistband feels on your tummy 

    Who would you invite to a party?
    • Friends or Co-workers
    • Running, active or gym buddies
    • Neighbours or Family
    • Yoga friends
    • Girls interested in being fit
    • Anyone who loves wearing leggings
    • Ladies who want something unique to wear - at the gym, going out or lounging around
    • Gals who want to feel really comfortable in what they wear
    • Anyone who wants to wear something unique and colourful designed by a local BC artist
    • Ladies who want to buy clothing made in Canada

    Frequently asked questions about Pants Parties:

    1. What will you bring?

    I will bring a range of samples and styles including:
    • Leggings, yoga leggings
    • Capris, yoga capris
    • Scarves and kimonos
    • Baby leggings
    • Beanies and headbands

    2. Can I take home some leggings?

    Yes, you can! I have 40+ leggings and capris that I bring to parties. 

    3. What if you don't have my size?

    Any design is available in any size!
    If I don't have your size with me, we make a 'Personalized Order' at the party. I will order your design(s) and this gets delivered to your door within 10-15 business days.

    4. Do you take credit cards?

    Yes! We take all major credit cards or cash.
    I have a SQUARE card reader that I bring to all of my parties - making it easy for you to pay with credit card.

    You receive...

    Pants Parties Photos

    Amazing and inspiring women getting together talking about art, love, design, fashion and leggings! Here are a few pics.  

    Kristina Benson Art Pants Parties