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    Art Thumbnail Gallery Page

    Not sure which design to choose?

    Browse the thumbnails below and fall in love with a piece of artwork - perhaps because of the saying on the art or inspirational words; or because your heart connects with a certain piece; or because of the vibrant colours.

    By clicking on a thumbnail below, it will take you to a specific yoga leggings product page where you can see how this piece of art has been designed as wearable art.

    You will find all of these pieces of artwork here have been designed into our best selling products so that ensures you have the best selection. Our most popular items are the Yoga Leggings, and Yoga Capris as these have a high fold-over waistband which is so comfortable. Our next best selling items are the Leggings, and Capris with a traditional waistband.

    Certain pieces of art have also been designed into: Kimonos and Peignoirs; Crop Tops and Tops; Baby Leggings; Bags and Totes; Notebooks; Women's Underwear; Men's Underwear; Dresses and Skirts; Beanies and Headbands; and Scarves.


    Pablo Pineapple
    Kristina Benson Art: Pablo Pineapple Leggings

    THE ART:  Ever had that moment where you walk into a room, and suddenly something overcomes you? It literally stops you in your tracks, your train of thought is completely derailed. That’s the connection I felt when—for the first time in my life—I witnessed a Pablo Picasso exhibition in the Seattle Art Museum. Wow! I knew from that moment I wanted to create a piece that was inspired by, and in tribute to, Pablo Picasso. Hence, Pablo Pineapple. This sweet epiphany came to me when I found out I was nominated for the Mayor’s Gala for the Arts: Artist of the Year award. Deep, rich colours in a fluid and loose style bring out the blocky, geometrical simplicity of high art and stylized, still life. This white-reverse, copacabana pineapple both pops off the design and at the same time deconstructs our understanding of shape itself.
    Recommended colour matches: dark blues, browns, oranges, reds, maroons, lime green, cyan, black or white.

    Where I Am

    Kristina Benson Art: Where I Am Leggings

    i am right where i need to be…

    THE ART:  Feel the grass beneath your feet. Do you sometimes need that subtle reminder to be right where you are? I know I do. Society’s expectations on us, amplified by our own expectations, can be overwhelming. What else is more important than the here and now? The present is a gift. Use it; live it. Let these words help remind you to take pause, and remember, you are right where you need to be.
    Recommended colour matches: cyan, blues, rust orange, oranges, greys, black or white.


    Kristina Benson Art: Changes Leggings

    "Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." – Lao Tzu

    THE ART:  Do you resist change, or do you let things flow naturally and allow change easily? Let go the illusion of control. I came across this Lao Tzu quote and knew I wanted to create a piece inspired by these words. Opposites attract in this abstract painting using blocks and patterns, quilted together with the bold brushstrokes. Contrasting royal blues and cyan flow naturally alongside pinks and crimson. Similarly, predominant horizontal and vertical blocks are in contrast with imposing diagonals. Distinctively, this piece is both versatile and practical to be able to simultaneously match up with a range of opposing colours. The guiding words of this work are highlighted in white to bring prominence to the depth of meaning within it.
    Recommended colour matches: royal blue, cerulean blue, cyan, hot pink, maroon, deep red, black or white.

    The Rocky Mountains

    Kristina Benson Art: The Rocky Mountains Leggings

    THE ART:  Hello CANADA! I was dying to create a piece where I photographed the Rocky Mountains. Undeniably, the imagery of the Rockies is both tremendous and inspiring no matter who beholds them. During a trip through the Rocky Mountains after a recent snowfall, I was once again taken aback by the astonishing power and grace of the jagged peaks and soft contours of storm clouds towering above me along the highway. I was equally in awe as much as I was just allowing myself to ‘be’ in the mountains. The images were taken between Revelstoke, BC en route to Calgary, Alberta.
    Recommended colour matches: light to dark blues, greys, black or white.

    The Creative Palm Tree

    Kristina Benson Art: The Creative Palm Tree Leggings

    "Creativity takes courage." – Henri Matisse

    THE ART:  Who doesn’t like to draw outside the lines? And what creative doesn’t like to make pink palm trees? I had a great time creating this piece. It came about as I was reflecting on past master artist Henri Matisse. A radical art influencer, the French painter Matisse (1869 to 1954) layered gouache-painted paper cutouts in his grand collage murals. His lively compositions juxtaposed varying shapes and colours, provoking new insight into the established genre of contemporary art. Likewise in its courageous blend of media, my illustration of the palm tree set over layers of a multi-textured painting defies convention and gives way to a light, playfully fresh feeling.
    Recommended colour matches: range of light to dark pinks, black or white.


    Kristina Benson Art - Moonscape Leggings

    "God is more glorious than the moon, he shines brighter than the stars." – Job 25:5

    THE ART:  During the middle of the night within the Atacama Desert in Chile, South America, I had an opportunity to view the heavens at an observatory and behold the moon, the stars, and the constellations. I casually mentioned to the tour guide how cool it would be if I could take a photo of the moon, and she said, ‘okay.’ She removed the lens from the body of my SLR camera and put it up to the lens of the telescope. My camera literally had a billion dollar telescopic view out of this world. Interestingly enough, until I took this trip to the southern hemisphere, I hadn’t realized that the moon appears upside down from the perception of what we are used to. This image captures the texture and craters of the moon so clearly, without corruption, that the colours reflect monochromatic variants of the celestial blues and greys found on the true surface of the moon. This rare image is a but a glimpse of the the unrefined and raw nature of the universe, shining brighter than the stars.
    Recommended colour matches: dark grey, royal blue, black or white.

    Overcome: The Art Process

    amidst the storm, i have overcome.

    THE ART: This art was inspired by the challenges in life we face. Facing these challenges - and then coming out of this 'storm' - whatever it may be. We can't control that storm... but we always have the choice to choose the calm within it. The artist uses rich, succulent brushstrokes of blues which are accented with crisp line art drawings of tsunami waves. This culmination of waves are highlighted with a gentle orange koi fish curving around the left calf with white text "amidst the storm, i have overcome".

    Buy this design: Leggings | Yoga Leggings | Scarf 36" Square

    Lotus: The Art Process

    The lotus flower symbolizes rising from a dark place into beauty and rebirth, exactly as a lotus flower grows. From murky waters it produces beautiful gentle blossoms.

    THE ART: Vibrant brushstrokes are set as the backdrop for this beautiful tattoo-like lotus flower. Radiating colours give life and energy to the line drawing, gently caressing the left calf. The designs in this lotus series are each a little different, with their own personality and uniqueness. This design comes in 6 different colour themes - in these various products:

    Buy this design: Yoga Leggings | Capris | Scarf 36" Square | Scarf 16"x72"

    Surrender: The Art Process


    THE ART: Surrender. This black and white piece was created with the idea of yin/yang in mind. The concept of giving/receiving or black/white or challenge/simplicity or fighting/surrendering. Surrender doesn't always look or feel easy. This art showcases both this intensity and release. Black brushstrokes lead to a calming simplicity in white and light greys down the leg and calf. Ending in detailed light splashes of black. This piece was primarily painted using a feathers as a paintbrush!

    Buy this design: Leggings | Capris | Yoga Leggings

    Destined: The Art Process

    "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    THE ART: This artwork is a black line art drawing of mountains, lake and sky. The piece was created out of real-life inspiration in the mountains of British Columbia. Jagged edges are carved out of mountain and snow-peaks, and complimented by undulating curvy lines making up the water below and clouds above. The images behind are crystalized and stylish formations of water. Brushstrokes form the depth of the background.

    Buy this design: Yoga Leggings | Scarf 36" Square | Kimono

    Dreams: The Art Process

    "Plant your dreams and miracles will grow." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    THE ART: Multi-layered complexities are found in this piece of beautiful, vibrant art. The initial art consists of an abstract line art drawing of a plant growing from the earth reaching for the sky. This reversed line-art is offset against a photograph of a section of a tree and it's many years of growth. These two compliment each other with their curvy and wavy flowing lines. The art is posed perfectly against a sea of bright blues, cyans, teals and turquoise colours.

    Buy this design: Yoga Leggings | Scarf 36" Square